PVC - Rigid and Soft

PVC compound: PVC granule regenerated and virgin

PVC - Rigid and Soft

Granules (pellets) of PVC rigid and plasticized (or soft), PVC regenerated or virgin, for extrusion, injection and blowing, available in different colors (also RAL) and for various applications (pipes, corrugated pipes, fittings, profiles, membranes, grave lights etc)

Polyethylene - HDPE and LDPE

PE compound for pipe extrusion

Polyethylene - HDPE and LDPE

Granules of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and low density polyethylene (LDPE) suitable for extrusion of pipe not pressurized, high quality, and of each diameter and surface. UV-resistant thanks to Carbon Black present in the formula of each of our compound.

Soft regrind PVC

Ideal for injection of boots soles

Soft regrind PVC

We propose recycled soft PVC ideal for injection of boots soles.
For the moment available only in black.
It’s regrind from PVC waterproof membranes (only from post production!)
SHORE about 80 / 82
DENSITY about 1,35 / 1,38


Daloga is the company that works in the trade of plastic matter (reclaimed plastic material and compounds) produced in various factories of the group. The group includes some companies that produce plastic matter, almost always in granules (rigid reclaimed PVC for extrusion, blowing and moulding, soft PVC, WPC, PP, PA, PC, PC/ABS, ABS, PMMA, PE, HDPE, LDPE and other techno-polymers and compound until to the most varied thermoplastic alloys containing TPE, TPU, TPO, TPE/U, TPU-FR, HFFR, XLPE ...).

Our target is minimizing the management cost:

  • No transient storehouse: directly from producer to customer.
  • Anonymous or personalized packing.
  • Quick and flexible management. (ex.: lots administration in the factory of the producer)
  • Predefined and facilitated agreements with freight forwarder.
  • Harmonization of the relationship between customer and producer.
  • Constant monitoring of the processes of our suppliers through meetings and regular visit at production factories.
  • Productive capacity and flexibility matching to the most sophisticated just-in-time production technique.

Our material, from the beginning and almost always, is regenerated plastic matter, this to protect the environment, something that DALOGA values a lot and which contributes through recycling and regeneration of material that, dead becomes a source of pollution, while, brought to new life, could contribute to environmental protection.

We and our partners believe in the development of the market of materials produced by processes of regeneration, renewal, recycling and reuse of recovered raw materials. The sector has been increasing steadily in recent years insomuch as to justify increasing exports to the foreigner. In return our foreign partners are increasingly requesting our advice on research in Italy of regenerated material. We can count on a selected and reliable international customer portfolio, in particular Germany and France, but we still have, and always, will to grow.

However, when the regenerated material can't meet the specific needs of the customer, for special applications or niche products, Daloga has however also the possibility, through the technical know-how of some partner companies, to provide even virgin material of first choice and the most different compound.

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